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Procurement 101

Whether you recognize it as “eProcurement,” “Procure-to-Pay,” “Source-to-Pay,” “Business Spend Management,” “Digital Supply Chain,” or something entirely different, the market leading cloud solutions are going through another major step in their evolution. These solutions were originally constructed to be industry agnostic and largely focused on indirect spend. As companies have matured and widely adopted digital solutions for indirect spend, focus is shifting to the next frontier of digital optimization: direct spend. As a result, the next stage in the digital evolution is about providing tailored supply chain solutions to each industry. Our 101 Procurement Content walks through the fundamentals to empower a better understanding of the changes to the industry.

Source-to-Pay Leadership

Gain a competitive advantage.
To set the new standard for digital transformation, we have developed an unbiased, precise, and transparent approach to framing your investment in Source-to-Pay. From strategy and software selection through implementation and sustainment, this is how we help clients gain a competitive advantage.


Improve productivity to maximize profitability.
With the right guidance and partnerships, forward-thinking construction firms are using digital platforms to reduce material costs, simplify the contract labor process, and increase transaction automation. They're eliminating paper with effective real-time collaboration from anywhere. Cost control, quality, and safety are all improved with greater visibility into real-time contract spend and the ability to manage subcontractor performance, qualifications, and collaborating digitally on complex work orders.

Energy & Resources

Solve complex procurement challenges.
Companies are modernizing how they deal with contractors, complex services, and other hard-to-source and hard to manage categories. Some of the biggest challenges in procurement are now solvable with best-in-class systems that enable a more efficient and effective process that's also easy to adopt and use. Lower process costs, automated contract compliance, increased savings, and supplier risk management all help Energy & Resources businesses withstand the ups and downs of commodity prices.

Financial Services

Prepare for the unpredictable.
With strategic guidance, companies doing business in banking, insurance, and capital markets are finding greater operating efficiency by digitizing and transforming spend management. As a result, they're standing strong against unpredictable economic conditions and emerging competitive forces. They're making the most of their legacy technology investments and generating value on their complex services-focused spend base. With guidance, institutions are achieving this, all while navigating the evolving risk and regulatory environment.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Accelerate technological advancement.
Innovative health, life sciences, wellness, and care organizations are embracing digital solutions for financial controls and compliance, bottom-line savings, and data management. In response to disruptions to supply chains and strain on frontline operations, they're seeking solutions that address supplier risk, inventory management, security of supply, digital Procurement, and paperless Accounts Payable. With expert leadership, they're now deploying solutions in a matter of weeks, with minimal disruptions.

Manufacturing Sector

Drive hard savings on day one.
The competitive manufacturers we work with have shifted from optimizing indirect spend to enabling a “digital supply chain" that addresses direct spend, reduces supply chain risk, and facilitates end-to-end supplier collaboration. They're realizing significant ROI and rapid payback through sourcing strategies that use digital auctions to drive real savings. Production and operations processes once addressed manually or through sluggish ERP/ MRP systems are now streamlined through cloud-based, user-centric platforms.

Professional Services

Stay ahead of the competition.
The organizations we work with are using Source-to-Pay technologies to capture new benefits and stay a step ahead of the competition. With the right guidance, the transition can be planned and strategized to optimize continuity, user experience, and sustainable adoption so that businesses can focus on their customers. By simplifying, streamlining, and digitizing the spend management function, businesses can improve their internal capabilities and service levels while generating cost savings and value.

Public Sector

Modernize public procurement processes.
To stay ahead of evolving stakeholder expectations and regulators, the forward-thinking Government and Education organizations we work with are modernizing their procurement functions by investing in digital Source-to-Pay technology. With precise expert guidance, Public Sector institutions are reducing risk, increasing fairness and transparency, and ensuring compliance and efficiency. They're doing it all on an accelerated schedule with a strict commitment to security, adoption, and end-user experience.

Retail Sector

Seize opportunities to compete and cut costs.
The Retail sector is facing unprecedented pressure on business models. Facing tremendous cost pressure and a rapid transition to eCommerce, the focus of brick-and-mortar stores has shifted to engaging customers through brand. This strategy rewards attentiveness to the customer while controlling costs. The leading retailers we work with are enabling this model by using Source-to-Pay technologies to reduce costs throughout the enterprise while eliminating in-store administration and optimizing customer experiences.