OPTIS Consulting is a premium consulting firm focused on Source-to-Pay Transformation Services in North America. We are dedicated to generating value from every dollar you spend in your organization. Our purpose is to bring market-leading Source-to-Pay platforms to our clients. We’ll help you implement and fully adopt these innovative cloud SaaS platforms and achieve your return on investment.

Our clients are procurement visionaries who expect a committed, flexible consulting partner with leading edge technical skills and a proven method of achieving measurable outcomes.

The OPTIS team is comprised of supply chain and procurement experts who understand your processes and utilize Source-to-Pay platforms as tools to drive value across your organization.

We’re experienced across the public and private sector and across a wide range of industries, including:

  • Energy and utilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Government
  • Aerospace
  • Retail
  • Finance and banking
  • Healthcare

The OPTIS Experience

  • Deep Understanding of S2P Solutions
  • Transparency, Predictability, and Trust
  • People and Process Driven Approach
  • Extensive Knowledge of the Technology Marketplace

Our Commitment

  • Certified and Experienced Consultants
  • Unbiased Software Selection Advice
  • Expert Project Management
  • Positive and Measurable Results

Our Philosophy

Do it Right

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Perform as a team

Seek the Challenge

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Take work that is daunting, complex & relevant

Build Partnerships


Be trusted, be honest, be direct

Deserve to Win

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Succeed through merit, ingenuity & grit

Kaizen the Brain

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Continuously develop knowledge, skills & practices

Leave a Legacy

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Continuously develop knowledge, skills & practices