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Source-to-Pay projects are high-stakes, one-shot initiatives, so timing and momentum are critical. Leverage our expert advice to plugin new technology that aligns perfectly with your business needs, and then roll it out in the most strategic way. We make it easy to take the first step with us and get to the right answer quickly.
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Only 20% are happy with their procurement technology choice.¹

The reason people feel this way is rarely because of the technology itself, and almost always because of poor implementation. Fix it with us.

¹ Forrester Research

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Let Optis do the heavy lift for a unique category of software where our expertise = savings
Retain capacity in your team to stay focused on core procurement

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Validate your business case and understand what savings can be committed to this year and next
Understand how to have the greatest impact on your business’s bottom line

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Quickly determine how to compare the solutions to your current technology
Discover how this initiative can pay for, or mitigate, your ERP upgrade / replacement


Software Solutions

Cross-functional stakeholder access
Roadmap for full suite S2P
Accurately forecast contract and project starts

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How a $20b Global Financial Institution Modernized Their Source-To-Pay Technology

Post-implementation, the client has shifted to Perform mode, with a mandate to push adoption, implement new enhancements, and fully realize the benefits of the source-to-pay platform. While possible to move directly to Launch and Perform, in hindsight it is clear to see the initial Focus phase led to a more successful and predictable implementation with a lower solution total cost of ownership (TCO).

How a Global Retailer Transformed Procurement with Cloud Source-to-Pay

Highlights from this implementation included:

  • Competition generated through RFP saved over $2.8M in licensing fees (5-year term)
  • Requisition approval cycle times have been reduced to <1 day
  • Invoice approval cycle times have been reduced from 11 days to 2 days